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School Supplies

School Supplies

Please note this is a suggested list and it is not mandatory for parents to purchase these articles. The school will supply any needed materials other than indoor shoes. The grade 7 and 8 list is very detailed but represents all rotary subjects and again is just a list of recommendations. Grade 6-8 students usually have a lock on their lockers. We recommend a combination lock that is not made of hardened steel as these locks often cannot be cut off the locker in the event a student is unable to unlock their lock.


1 large glue stick, 1 box original washable crayola markers, 1 box of Kleenex, 1 box ziploc bags (any size) All items are donated to the classroom

Grade One

Each child will need a pair of indoor running shoes to leave at school for gym class. If you would like to make a donation to your grade 1 classroom, the following items are always appreciated: Kleenex, straws, plastic spoon, plastic forks and Ziploc bags (medium or big).

Grade Two

Pencils, white erasers, pencil crayons, 2 glue sticks per term, scissors, labelled pencil case, box of Kleenex, markers, white glue and stiff ruler with cm and mm and indoor running shoes‚ to be left at school.

Grade Three

Pencils, pencil sharpener, white erasers, 3 glue sticks, pencil crayons, labelled pencil case, stiff ruler with cm and mm, sharp scissors, box of Kleenex, highlighter and indoor running shoes

Grade Four

Box of tissues,  6 black fine tip markers for art, 20 pencils (Bring 3, leave the rest at home and bring a new pencil at the beginning of each month or as needed), highlighter, closed pencil sharpener, erasers, 3 gluesticks, pencil crayons, labelled pencil case,  ruler with cm and mm, scissors. For class 4-2 a lock for shared locker (optional-may also wait for partnering), and a green duotang for homework. For gym, you will need shorts, T-shirt and running shoes in a draw-string bag or other small bag to store in locker.  For French:- 3 ring binder, 5 dividers, 3 hole lined paper

Grade Five

Box of Tissues, pencils (think about getting a new pencil at the beginning of every month), erasers, ruler with mm & cm, calculator (basic, not scientific), highlighter, 4 glue sticks, scissors, closed pencil sharpener, pens (red and blue), personal dictionary (soft cover), pencil crayons, permanent ink black sharpie marker (thick and thin), thinmarkers, green duotang, shorts, t-shirt, running shoes in drawstring bag or other bag that will fit in shared locker. French:1 binder‚ no zippers, 5 dividers,

Grade Six

Pencils, erasers, tissue box x 3, fine and medium tipped markers (black),pencil sharpener (contained shavings) and glue stick. For French: 1 binder, no zippers, 5 dividers, French/English dictionary. Optional: pens, ruler, basic calculator, quality pencil crayons, highlighters and lock"

Grade 7 and 8

Core: 2 inch binder, 5 dividers

Art: 1 yellow duotang, sketchbook (around 8.5 x 11)

French: 1 - 1 inch binder, 5 dividers

Health: 1 orange duotang

Music: 1 green 1‚ binder, 5 dividers

Science: 1 duotang for Grade 7, 1-2 inch binder for Grade 8

Math: 1- 2 inch binder, 5 dividers, geometry set, calculator

Overall: lined paper (split amongst binders/duotangs), 20 pencils, erasers, pencil case, locker items (e.g., magnets, lock), 2 different coloured highlighters, 12 coloured pencils, ruler, scissors, 2 glue sticks, pencil sharpener with shavings catcher, 2 boxes of Kleenex to donate to the classroom, 1 fine tipped black marker/pen

Life Skills, Int.

pencils, erasers, pencil case, coloured pencils, markers, closed pencil sharpener, glue stick, 1-2 inch binder for math, dividers, box of tissue